Technology Integration

The kloudtrack® Solution Services and Technology Integration lines of business focus on improving business performance through the use of technology and information analysis.  We have developed the company to work in one of two areas: enabling success and/or implementing strategies. The kloudtrack® team consists of experienced consultants in the areas of emerging technologies, integration/operations, telecommunications, ERP, document management, workflow/BPM, data management and enterprise content management.

kloudtrack® consultants average more than 15 years of experience in applying information technology to meet complex enterprise compliance/regulatory and risk management/mitigation needs.

Our experience and capabilities span both the public and private domains.  kloudtrack® Solution Services and Technology Integration focuses on three general areas:

  •  Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Services
  •  Advisory Services
  •  Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services
  •  Compliance Services
  •  Enterprise Services


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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Services

kloudtrack® Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services capabilities combine operationally proven methodologies with dedicated, experienced professionals to provide a comprehensive solution to an organization’s risk assessment requirements. Our methodologies and approach are based on assessing system risks and prioritizing their criticality based on an analysis of threats, in concert with the accurate characterization of the business and data sensitivity requirements of the organization.  kloudtrack® GRC services enable an organization to obtain an immediate and accurate understanding of the critical threats to the existing business process while providing a detailed roadmap for prioritizing, addressing, and mitigating risks.  kloudtrack®  service offerings in this area include:

  • Develop Vulnerability Assessment plan
  • Develop System Characterization Report documenting system criticality, interconnectivity of systems, system relationships, data-based risk factors
  • Execute Vulnerability Assessment Plan using various COTS and open-source vulnerability assessment tools and kloudtrack® internal Tool Kit incorporating various internally developed technologies, processes, and methodologies
  • Document Vulnerability Assessment results encompassing regulatory requirements from agencies including SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, SOX, NIST, DOD, OMB, CIA, Homeland Security SAFETY Act, FedRAMP, SAJAAC, FISMA and others as well as industry-specific best-practices
  • Validation of internal assessment findings
  • Develop and Implement Remediation Plans
  • Work with vulnerability assessment tools
  • Provide targeted compliance assessments to application/solution providers during the development process to ensure compliance and regulatory concerns are mitigated prior to deployment

Vulnerability Assessment

kloudtrack® Vulnerability Assessment capabilities combine operationally proven methodologies with dedicated, experienced professionals to provide a comprehensive solution to an organization’s risk assessment requirements.

Compliance, Security Monitoring and Incident Response

The ever-increasing world of cyber threats and the exploitation mechanisms utilized to deliver these threats continues to evolve on a daily basis.  These threats are becoming more targeted and impactful while continually adapting to evade the detection and prevention mechanisms in place to control the attack. Combined with the increase in number and types of technologies utilized in an enterprise infrastructure, this creates an environment where multiple front-doors exist for attackers to target and distribute their malicious payload.  Likewise, an increased organizational awareness of implementing and enforcing security policies and practices has driven the need for a formalized approach for efficiently responding to and reporting on incidents of compliance breach or compromised security.

kloudtrack® Incident Response and Remediation services are focused around developing an effective strategy for detecting, responding remediating, and reporting instances of compliance breach.   kloudtrack®  incident response professionals are experts in proper incident handling and remediation activities.  kloudtrack®  operationally proven service offerings in this area include:

  • Development of Compliance Incident Response Teams (CIRTs)
  • Developing processes for properly categorizing compliance and risk incidents and defining reporting requirements for each category of incident
  • Performing all activities related to incident detection, response, remediation, and reporting
  • Identifying standard processes for handling of various compliance/regulatory incidents
  • Evaluating current incident response processes and comparing against industry best-practices
  • Proactively monitoring the compliance and risk threat landscape and reviewing current exploitation activities against the enterprise inventory of systems to understand current threat levels
  • Development of automated threat briefings and reports on the current threat landscape
  • Translating compliance with proper federal, state or industry-specific reporting requirements for critical compliance incidents

Critical Infrastructure Protection
Enterprise infrastructures have become increasingly interconnected, they have also become more vulnerable to more targeted cyber attacks.  The distinction between physical and cyber attacks continue to diminish while the damage profile of these attacks is exponentially increasing.  A successful attack on these critical infrastructures would have a crippling effect on an enterprise’s economic and strategic interests and viability.  Greater attention is being placed on critical infrastructure protection with the governments’ recent implementation of its National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.  This document acknowledges the role of the private sector in operating and maintaining critical infrastructures and the public sector’s dependence on their operations and must be considered in compliance best-practices.

kloudtrack® has extensive experience assisting organizations chartered with leading the effort to protect critical infrastructure and sensitive financial, healthcare and other types of data.

This experience includes both developing the communication channels and the cooperation levels necessary to work together to ensure proper compliance controls are in place to protect these infrastructures.   kloudtrack® Critical Infrastructure Protection services are focused around:

  •        Business Continuity
  •        Data Security
  •        Regulatory Compliance
  •        Incident
  •        Implementation of Common Security Controls

Data Forensics
An effective computer forensics program is instrumental in maintaining a defense in depth approach to information security. Computer forensics includes the ability to identify, collect, preserve, and analyze data in a manner in which the data is collected and preserved in a way that would be admissible as evidence in a court of law.

A properly managed and maintained computer forensics program is crucial to maintaining the integrity of the information infrastructure while enforcing compliance with over-arching regulations, directives, and policies.

kloudtrack® computer forensics services are experts in understanding the types, range, and depth of forensics cases that occur in the federal information infrastructure.  kloudtrack® forensics professionals are experts in obtaining and preserving evidence, maintaining chain of custody, performing detailed analysis using commercial and open source forensics tools, and developing findings reports that will be admissible in court proceedings.  kloudtrack® also understands the statutory laws and regulations that govern computer forensics.  kloudtrack® service offerings in computer forensics include:

  • Evaluation and administration of forensics tools and tool kits
  • Developing processes for properly obtaining and preserving evidence in a forensic investigation
  • Handling all types of forensic cases to include criminal, fraud, waste, and abuse, data exploitation, etc.
  • Developing processes around the integration of incident response and forensic analysis
  • Detailed report writing of forensic findings

Communications/Security Standards

kloudtrack® understands the critical importance of implementing, maintaining, and overseeing a comprehensive communications security (COMSEC) program compliant with national guidelines and standards provided by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS).

kloudtrack® professionals bring industry recognized experience in maintaining government and industry-compliant data environments. 

kloudtrack® Compliance/Security service offerings include:

  • Maintain and ensure compliance with federal regulations and guidelines for a Communications Security program
  • Maintenance of all COMSEC related hardware and software to include troubleshooting and inventory of equipment
  • Performing COMSEC audits to evaluate organizational accounts, review accounting methods, accountability of property, adequacy of provided security to keying material
  • Development and maintenance of formal training plans for COMSEC users on equipment operation and policy
  • Implementation, operations, and maintenance of accounting and key management systems
  • Destruction of keys and COMSEC equipment