Secure Collaboration Utility™

The kloudtrack® engineering and business teams quickly recognized that in addition to our data management and workflow strength we had created a unique collaboration environment — one that could be characterized as “trusted” in the purest sense of security. 

Branded the kloudtrack® Secure Collaboration Utility™ (SCU), this craft-made version of kloudtrack®  is a powerful, user managed, workflow tool that empowers non-IT staff to setup secure and fully auditable “flows of work.”   These flows of work allow data and process stakeholders to interact, exchange information and collaboarate in a most unique and confidential manner.

A critical component of the SCU is our Trusted Messaging™ service.  Think of Trusted Messaging as a beefed-up and encrypted version of the popular Windows Messenger, Yahoo, Google or AOL instant message services.

Our Trusted Messaging permits each member in a workflow route to share comments, ideas, recommendations, instructions, etc. in a totally secure, almost real time environment with others invloved in the workflow.

Each step, therefore each set of comments shared, is permanently archived onto Ultra Density Optical (UDO) drives making the Secure Collaboration Utility literally impossible to compromise.  Notes and message content can never be altered or deleted — a critical forensic benefit in regulatory or legal/litigious situations.

Each process action permanently auditable as it occurs and made each action viewable by any authorized user, from anywhere, at anytime  — the compliance and transparency application are virtually limitless.

All actions generated between users are instantly auditable and are permanently burned into a media that can never be deleted or altered.  This assures compliancy and dramatically reduces exposure to regulatory or legal risk issues.  One of our clients calls it “notes to file—on steroids.”

The following graphic depicts a basic SCU scenario:

Automated WorkBaskets™

Essentially, the Secure Collaboration Utility allows teams to create auditable processes that instantly and securely share sensitive project documents and ideas as they perform their work internally and as they travel world-wide.

Simply put, any non-IT person can quickly create a digital container that we call a WorkBasket™ into which can be placed any number of data files, file-types and associated metadata. 

With just a few mouse clicks individuals world-wide are included in these WorkBaskets permitting simple, yet powerful, communications and data sharing. 

Best Practice Management Takes Center Stage

Once a Workbasket is set in motion each workflow participant is notified instantly that there is a WorkBasket awaiting their attention.   Rich reporting and analytics tools allow managers to keep close tabs on WorkBaskets and user-participants in each business process.  From a knowledge management perspective the metadata and reportable workflow data yields deep insight into the inner workings of complex business processes.

This process improvement and supervisory best-practice area represents perhaps the most tangible return on investment (ROI) for the kloudtrack® SaaS|Cloud platform across a wide variety of industry sectors.