EHR Your Way™

kloudtrack® Introduces TrackHealth™ Version of kloudtrack® ® SaaS|Cloud Technology

Solution Offers Healthcare/Medical Stakeholders Ability to More Actively Monitor and Manage Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Patient Care and Meaningful Use Outcomes

ANNAPOLIS, MD – December 9, 2009: kloudtrack® today
announced general availability of its kloudtrack® TrackHealth™ technology platform.
TrackHealth is a specialized version of the company’s kloudtrack® SaaS|Cloud
computing workflow, data/document management, compliance and risk mitigation
platform. kloudtrack® TrackHealth allows patients, practitioners, office managers/staff,
administrators, specialists and other medical stakeholders to more actively share data
and monitor critical decisions and related electronic health records (EHRs) at all stages
of a patient’s care.

With the majority of healthcare practices and institutions striving to keep operating costs
to a minimum these firms naturally rely on third-party vendors or service providers for
such operations as legal, accounting, HR and records management throughout the
life-cycle of patient care. Being Software-as-a-Service (SaaS|Cloud) and Internet-based it
does not matter if TrackHealth users are internal staff, third-party service providers or
individual patients.

Access to information is assigned to users at varying “rights” levels which controls
exactly what data users can see and what each user can do with such data. This tiered
user structure also controls which TrackHealth application tools are available to each
individual user as well as the fees associated with accessing the system – keeping costs low.

kloudtrack® TrackHealth was developed to address the Human Side of Compliance® in
the healthcare, medical, insurance, pharmaceutical and related sectors,” stated Michael
P. Binko, president and CEO of kloudtrack® . “This human side is
the cross-roads where individuals interact with sensitive patient data. Our heritage of
handling critical financial data in the heavily-regulated securities, insurance, banking
and deal-flow communities is the foundation upon which TrackHealth was forged.”

As healthcare reform becomes more refined, stakeholders at all levels will need
to be more diligent in addressing regulatory/compliance scrutiny, best-practice
management, data security, risk mitigation and transparency. To that end, the company
formally submitted kloudtrack® for certification by the Certification Commission for
Health Information Technology (CCHIT) and expects to announce certification soon.

“The ability to address federal/state and industry guidelines for quality care and trusted
patient records management are the anchor tenets of TrackHealth and the landscape
that kloudtrack® was built to simplify. Combining these critical needs with the cost-effective
SaaS|Cloud computing delivery model is a win-win for all healthcare communities,”
added Binko.

Patients are also being asked to get more “involved” in their healthcare. This
participation begins with trusted access to, portability of and greater visibility into their
own EHRs and thrives in an environment where communication with their practitioners is
efficiently supported and encouraged – scenarios specifically supported by TrackHealth.

TrackHealth technologies can be deployed very quickly without the typical hard-costs
of new computing equipment, additional IT staff or long-term software maintenance
contracts. This “low overhead” aspect of the technology makes TrackHealth a definitive
platform for both large and small healthcare organizations.

EHR Your Way™
TrackHealth often works side-by-side with existing practice management technologies
as there is typically little need to completely replace current IT systems. Instead,
practitioners keep suitable assets in place while using TrackHealth and the kloudtrack®
TrackBatch module to interact with and extend IT capabilities into new areas of
transparency, records access and data/process management. This concept is part of
an initiative kloudtrack® has branded as EHR Your Way™ and emphasizes the ability to tailor
TrackHealth to the way practitioners already operate.

dditionally, the kloudtrack® Solution Services team is available to advise and work closely with
customers to perform IT audits that identify where TrackHealth can supplement existing
systems. Solution Services teams also project manage deployments with customer
teams in order to identify, prioritize and surpass specific return-on-investment (ROI)
goals and objectives.

Beyond simple monitoring of data, users and business rules, TrackHealth incorporates
tools such as document management, e-mail and message archive/surveillance, audit
trails and reporting capabilities that provide critical knowledge to decision makers. Audit
trails are inherent in the system to ensure only authorized users are accessing sensitive
data. This information directly relates to increased team efficiency, improved patient
care and support for Meaningful Use Outcomes.

About kloudtrack®
kloudtrack® is a technology and solution services company that offers
simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted Software-as-a-Service and Cloud (SaaS|
Cloud) computing governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) technologies.
KIS is one of the first technology and solution providers to address specific international,
federal, state and industry-imposed regulatory compliance standards in SaaS|Cloud
environments across multiple vertical industry sectors. This understanding and
integration of GRC factors truly sets kloudtrack® technologies, solutions and intellectual property
apart in the market.

kloudtrack® is a Chesapeake Innovation Center (CIC) portfolio-company and was recently
selected by Microsoft® Corporation for its Startup Accelerator Program – an initiative
that highlights companies developing unique and innovative technologies on Microsoft
For more information about kloudtrack® visit or for detailed kloudtrack® olution Services pricing information, contact Miuke Binko via telephone at (240) 499-
3842 or via e-mail to or

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