The company’s flagship technology offering, kloudtrack® , is a hosted suite of SaaS|Cloud data management and business process/workflow tools specifically designed to be “horizontal” working across a wide spectrum of industries. 

“Lingua-franca” – The kloudexchange™ module is a disruptive combination of proprietary technology, IP and methodologies for data import/export to or from kloudtrack® to any industry standard-based relational or object-relational database management system (O-RDBMS).  


    The kloudtrack® kloudexchange™ module currently includes the following application functions: 

    • Supports full integration of data from any industry-standard data repository
    • Provides sophisticated interface for advanced reporting and analytics
    • Extends kloudtrack® capabilities to existing data sets that will continue to reside on external platforms
    • Allows customers to ease into a deployment of kloudtrack® while still maintaining depreciation schedules or value contained in existing data platforms