kloudmail™: Email Archive and eDiscovery

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The kloudmail™ module captures, serializes and archives every email and attachment entering or leaving the corporate network for compliance and e-discovery regulations or mandates.

kloudmail™ module:

  • Automatically capture and archive email in a central database
  • Retrieve and review archived emails via granular search functionality
  • Customizable database to implement rules based policies to identify and monitor “bad/objectionable” words and phrases
  • Rerouting and notification of objectionable emails to designated supervisors or Compliance Officer.

The kloudmail™ module help both regulated and non regulated organizations comply with any federal/state or corporate mandates that require the capture, storage and archiving of emails for a determined retention period. kloudmail™ allows for organizations to easily create policy, monitor, recognize and report on any and all corporate emails in their networks. With a customizable data base, supervisors or compliance officers can easily create policies, monitor emails and respond to employee that may be sending or receiving objectionable emails to meet all regulations.