kloudexchange™: Legacy Platform Integration

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The kloudexchange™ application module is a data integration hub comprised of a disruptive combination of proprietary kloudtrack® intellectual property and methodologies for the integration to any industry standard-based relational or object-relational database management system (O-RDBMS).

The kloudexchange™ module:

  • Extends the kloudtrack® platform, capabilities to existing data sets that will continue to reside on external platforms
  • Supports full data integration from any industry-standard data repository
  • Provides sophisticated interface for advanced reporting and analytics
  • Ad-hoc or scheduled data import and export

The kloudexchange™ module allows organizations the ability to leverage legacy data from existing IT assets and aggregate this with new data in the cloud. Clients can recognize their full depreciation schedules or value contained in existing data platforms by leveraging kloudexchange™ to aggregate existing data where it resides today.