kloudfile™: Data Management and Administration

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The kloudfile™ application module features a robust data management system. This application module securely and permanently stores your corporate data assets and information in compliance with all electronic record retention requirements.

The kloudfile™ module:

  • Administration:
    • Authorized staff/users manage application.
    • Administrators have ability to add new users and manage access privileges
  • Retrieval:
    • Individual authorized users have access to their data and documents
    • Ability to search, retrieve, print and download their files
  • Data Collection:
    • Authorized users have ability to upload data and files
    • Web based upload from web browser and Internet access

The kloudfile™ module is a user managed electronic file cabinet in the cloud where data be can easily administer, retrieve and collect all data from anywhere at any time as long as they have access to the Internet.