kloudcapture™: High Volume Paper/PC File Capture

Stop | Think | Go | Cloud™

The kloudcapture™ application module captures high volume paper and electronic files which can be aggregated with existing legacy data to dynamically create unique work flow for process management.

kloudcapture™ module:

  • Scanner, Fax, Zonal ORC Barcode data source integration
  • Scanner and data source agnostic, kloudcapture™ works with existing systems regardless of age or vendor
  • Dynamically route unique ‘sets’ of data to specific teams from data values resident in legacy platforms/applications
  • Aggregates scanned paper files with legacy data and brings the combined results to “The Cloud”

The kloudcapture™ module aids organizations in the transition from paper based processes to digital formats. Employing barcodes, zonal OCR or intelligent field recognition, kloudcapture™ performs an instant lookup into any legacy system’s tables and then uses that metadata to dynamically route individual document sets to any number of specific groups or people. kloudcapture™ helps facilitate in the migration of landlocked legacy data and outdated processing methodologies to “The Cloud”.