kloudtrack® Platform — Sophisticated Cloud 2.0™ Technologies

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kloudtrack® is a software-as-a-Service (SaaS-Cloud) platform offering Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) technologies for Business Process Management and Human Interaction workflow.

kloudtrack® integrates best-practices management with audit-trails that place a premium on monitoring users, data, transparency and collaborative processes.

In today’s business environment enterprises struggle to automate data into actionable flows of work.

When there is a need to go “paperless” or integrate paper-based or PC-generated files with legacy-platform-oriented data, organizations need a comprehensive solution approach that allows enterprises to aggregate all data types while adding workflow, audit trails and transparency for Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) purposes.

Successful workflow processes demand a platform that handles all legacy data formats as well as new data file-types and processes that may change over time. These efforts require that data be presented in a secure and compliant manner while providing the proper mechanisms to ensure the right employees, partners and third-parties have timely authorized access without taxing the cycles of overstretched IT resources.

Legacy Migration to the Cloud and Data Portability

Kloudtrack Legacy Migration from Videokast on Vimeo.

With diverse compliance, regulatory or risk drivers facing enterprises today, organizations and their management must ensure visibility into whom is accessing data, how the data is being used and where the data is going.

This attention to GRC is critical to ensure that organizations are addressing any and all internal or industry-imposed regulations and is the foundation upon which kloudtrack® was developed.

The kloudtrack® platform incorporates best-of-breed application modules that address specific federal, state and industry-imposed best-practice standards for both regulated and non-regulated organizations.

Industry analysts agree that compliance, transparency and risk mitigation are increasingly the most critical factors for organizations looking to automate data management and business processes while extending the value of existing IT assets.

Today’s Challenges

  • Reduced Budgets and Employee
  • Limited Visibility & Transparency
  • Support for multiply data types, sources and legacy IT platforms
  • Unauthorized access and use of data
  • Reporting and Administration of systems at the business user level

Why kloudtrack®

  • For organizations considering moving their company data assets to the cloud kloudtrack® can help mitigate the risk and cost by allowing a Start Small and Scale™ approach under which existing IT assets are leveraged and extended to the cloud.
  • The kloudtrack® technology platform provides a Cloud 2.0® framework for deploying sophisticated data management, business process utilities and legacy IT integration within organizations of all sizes.
  • kloudtrack® can be utilized for deployments that are organization-wide, departmental or involving third-party data stakeholders.
  • Designed modularly the kloudtrack® SaaS|Cloud application modules are able to automate, control, track and report on business and work flow process as well as monitor the cross-roads where individuals interact with sensitive information.
  • This Human Side of Compliance® is a key differentiator for kloudtrack and solves real-world challenges in virtually any industry sector – financial services, healthcare/medical, government, pharma and many more.

Benefits of Using kloudtrack®

  • kloudtrack® offers solutions for all types of enterprises looking to leverage SaaS|Cloud technologies for the storage, management, and control of data while also realizing the IT cost benefits of the cloud.
  • Clients utilizing kloudtrack® see an immediate ROI and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) as the software applications, network infrastructure and data are stored in redundant data centers. End users access these technologies and data over the Internet via the World Wide Web – anywhere | anytime – on a tiered and user rights basis.
  • Critical benefits for kloudtrack® clients include the elimination of costly IT infrastructure, no need to commit IT resources to maintaining the software and no worries about any related cost of owning/administrating these data and process management resources in-house.
  • kloudtrack® clients experience faster, less expensive and lower-risk data management and GRC deployments.