Sixon Capital Selects kloudtrack® Technology as a Private Equity Deal-Flow Toolkit™

ROCKVILLE, MD and HUNT VALLEY, MD – March 3, 2016 – Sixon Capital, the mid-market private equity arm of Sixon Group, LLC, today announced that it has selected thekloudtrack® technology platform as the foundation for an updated Deal-flow Toolkit™. Under the technology deployment, the kloudtrack® Deal-flow Toolkit is being used by both internal Sixon deal-teams as well as by third-party legal, accounting, lending and other deal-related service providers with whom Sixon conducts business.

kloudtrack®is a technology and solution services company that offers simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business process management (BPM), workflow, document management, compliance and risk mitigation technologies.
“Just two weeks before the beginning of year, we deployed kloudtrack® here in our Baltimore, MD-area headquarters and within 6 weeks our deal-teams had closed a $62.3 million deal that had previously been stalled for more than 12 months – and kloudrack was the reason,” stated Peter LeBoutillier, president and managing principal of Sixon Group, LLC.

kloudtrack®, the company’s flagship technology offering, integrates multiple SaaS application “modules” designed to address a wide variety of business needs particularly for enterprises in heavily-compliant and regulated industries. Beyond simple enterprise productivity the kloudtrack® platform incorporates support for:

  • workflow/business process management (BPM)
  • indepth dash-boarding, analytics and reporting
  • e-mail/IM communication surveillance and archiving
  • disaster recovery/business continuity
  • integration with legacy systems
  • document management/sharing
  • sophisticated archive/search/retrieval functions and
  • electronic check-processing and related electronic transaction services

Sixon has deployed the kloudFlow™, kloudFile™ and kloudBatch™ modules of kloudtrack® and has also contracted the kloudtrack® Solution Services team for critical IT integration projects.

“We were impressed with how quickly and efficiently our deal-teams were able to get up and running on the system. In fact, that previously-stalled deal was transacted while our team was still going through elements of the training process with kloudtrack® account teams. ROIs from our kloudtrack® deployment were immediate and profound and cut across all aspects of the kloudtrack® solution including usability, scalability, security, customization and total cost of ownership (TCO),” added LeBoutillier.
Elements of an ROI Benchmark Case Study associated with Sixon’s deployment of KloudTrack are highlighted in a white paper available from kloudtrack® at

“Sixon’s selection of kloudtrack® builds nicely on our heritage in the Financial Services sector taking us well beyond securities and insurance compliance into lending, asset management, private equity, M&A, capital markets and other active deal-flow communities,” stated Michael P. Binko, president and CEO of kloudtrack®.

kloudtrack®excels as a platform for enterprises that may be growing quickly or companies that rely heavily on, and need to share critical data and documents with, third-party service providers for core business functions. Being SaaS-based, kloudtrack® can offer kloudtrack® at a price-point that is easily accessible and efficiently scalable – allowing client organizations to Start Small, and Scale™.

“While the tactical elements of our clients’ deployments are usually unique; the macro ROI metrics are typically quite consistent and encompass basic productivity gains as well as strategic improvements in critical business operations. As such, the flexibility of the kloudtrack® technology platform, combined with the industry domain expertise of our Solutions Services teams creates unique differentiators in the markets we address,” added Binko.

About kloudtrack®

kloudtrack®is a technology and solution services company that offers simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) compliance, workflow and risk mitigation technologies. In 2007, kloudtrack® was selected by Microsoft Corporation as a portfolio-company in the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program – an initiative that highlights companies developing unique technologies on Microsoft platforms.
kloudtrack® is one of the first technology and solution providers to address specific international, federal, state and industry-imposed regulatory compliance standards. This understanding and integration of compliance and risk management factors truly sets kloudtrack® technologies, solutions and intellectual property apart in the market. For more information about kloudtrack® or the kloudtrack® ROI Benchmark Case Studies visit or for detailed kloudtrack® and our Solution Services pricing information, contact via telephone at (240) 499-3832 or via e-mail to

About The Sixon Group

Sixon Group, LLC is an integrated group of companies and people designed to advocate profitable business growth for the emerging-to-mid-market business sectors. Sixon Group prides itself on providing client solutions that serve business strategies, support growth and improve business processes, performance and profitability. Sixon Group is comprised of three companies: Sixon Capital, Sixon Sales Group and Three Twenty-One. For more information please visit

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