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Integrate Existing IT Platforms and Applications with kloudtrack® Quickly and Easily

Everyone knows that controlling development costs and getting to market quickly are critical to the success of any software integration.  We’ve thus designed our KADRE program to provide you with the resources you need to implement customer integrations quickly and cost-effectively.

As a KADRE team member, you have access to the tools used by kloudtrack® developers, as well as extensive Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) tool-sets, code samples and best practice recommendations.  You can also communicate both with kloudtrack® staff and other KADRE partners to pose questions, share insights and benefit from others’ experience.

No matter if you are a software vendor looking for an effective way to bring SaaS|Cloud application to your war-chest or a consultancy searching for innovative technologies that can automate your recommended best-practices, the kloudtrack® KADRE program has the tools to meet your needs.

A Sampling of kloudtrack® Technology Partners

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The success of your integration hinges on your ability to connect with potential clients.  From regularly-schedule joint Webinars to our extensive network of sales affiliates/agents and resellers, we have the resources you need to successfully market your integration to current and prospective customer communities.

In combination with your existing sales channel these KADRE resources give you the advantage you need to cultivate new sales pipelines, close more accounts and increase your revenue on a monthly recurring basis — a benefit unique only to the SaaS|Cloud model.

Become a Member of the KADRE Today

If you’re interested in joining our KADRE program, we invite you to contact Jan Levine, co-founder/CTO by telephone at 240.499.3832 or via e-mail to

Alternatively, we invite you to download the KADRE Partner Application Form.