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Partner with a Leader in SaaS|Cloud Solutions

We are proud of the growing KADRE™ of industry leading information professionals who have chosen to offer the kloudtrack® SaaS|Cloud technologies as an integral portion of the market offerings.

Each KADRE Channel Partner must demonstrate to the kloudtrack® management team their experience and understanding that technology should not be delivered in a vacuum, for a single purpose or to solve a single issue.

Rather, technology can only be of value when it is delivered through a process that includes the partner gaining a clear perspective on the information, operations and compliance/risk mitigation challenges that each of their clients are experiencing.

The relationships that kloudtrack® creates with its Channel Partner and their clients are long lasting and evolve over time as needs and challenges change.

The organizations listed here are a representative sample of KADRE information specialists.

You’ve probably noticed that clients are increasingly fielding IT RFPs that contain SaaS|Cloud components — particularly related to document management and workflow applications. 

Creating such solutions from scratch, however, is a daunting task that requires extensive SaaS|Cloud expertise and significant R&D resources.  Because of these factors, some software and solution companies choose to forego the emerging SaaS|Cloud trend and lose opportunities as a result.  Others develop scaled-down offerings that falls short of customer needs and are often expensive to support.

It’s all about extending IT assets and strategies into the Cloud.

kloudtrack® offers a range of proven solutions that complement our KADRE partners’ own application(s).  By partnering with kloudtrack® you can better serve your current clients and attract new clients by providing them with tools to streamline processes, increase productivity and cut costs.  

The Human Side of Compliance® — Simple | Powerful | Affordable

The success of your integration hinges on your ability to connect with potential clients.  From regularly-schedule joint Webinars to our extensive network of sales affiliates/agents and resellers, we have the resources you need to successfully market your integration to current and prospective customer communities.  

In combination with your existing sales channel these KADRE resources give you the advantage you need to cultivate new sales pipelines, close more accounts and increase your revenue on a monthly recurring basis — a benefit unique only to the SaaS|Cloud model. 

Become a Member of the KADRE Today

If you’re interested in joining our KADRE program, we invite you to contact us by telephone at 240-499-3844 or via e-mail to Amy Mininger, Manager Partner