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What is your organization's current Cloud Computing Strategy? With your customers starting to consider and employ cloud computing capabilities you are likely being asked how your team can assist. Together with kloudtrack®, your organization can quickly and easily add sophisticated SaaS|Cloud technologies and solution services to your market offerings. Keep in mind, however, that our capabilities are not your typical Cloud 1.0 offerings. kloudtrack® expertise in sophisticated best-practice, data, process management as well as Governance|Risk|Compliance (GRC) is recognized as a true Cloud 2.0® approach. As such the value and return on investment (ROI) is more tangible and meaningful for your customers. We invite you to learn more about the the kloudtrack® KADRE™ -- our community of select channel partners. Not certain which kloudtrack® KADRE™ category is right for you, provide some basic information via this form and our channel team will follow-up with you to discuss each option in more detail. Thanks -- We Look Forward to Working With You!™
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