Microsoft® Selects kloudtrack® for Startup Accelerator Program

ROCKVILLE, MD – January 22, 2018 – kloudtrack®, a leading provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies for compliance, workflow and risk management across numerous industries, today announced that it has been selected to join the Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program.

Stewarded by the Emerging Business Team (EBT) at Microsoft Corp., the Startup Accelerator Program is designed to connect high-potential startups committed to the Microsoft platform to an extensive support network that provides access to Microsoft people and programs, guidance on future directions, and support to accelerate their success.

“While SaaS-based technologies are indeed gaining a firm foothold in enterprise IT strategies at all levels we believe the surface has merely been scratched,” stated Michael P. Binko, president and CEO of kloudtrack®. “Recognition by Microsoft as a SaaS leader in the areas of compliance, workflow and risk management bolsters our efforts and reaffirms our commitment to advanced Microsoft-based SaaS solutions. We look forward to proving how Microsoft platforms are serving as a foundation for sophisticated and critical business applications across blue-chip industries such as financial services, insurance, banking, healthcare/medical, government/education, franchising and others.”

The kloudtrack® flagship product offering, KISTrack™, integrates multiple application “modules” designed to address the enterprise productivity, data management, compliance and risk mitigation needs of businesses particularly in heavily-regulated industries. Beyond simple enterprise productivity the kloudtrack® platform also incorporates support for:

  • workflow/business process management (BPM)
  • detailed dash-boarding, analytics and reporting
  • e-mail/IM communication surveillance
  • disaster recovery/business continuity
  • integration with legacy systems
  • document management
  • sophisticated archive/search/retrieval functions and
  • electronic transactions

“Compliance and risk mitigation are two areas of business operations that can benefit greatly from streamlined data management strategies and kloudtrack®’s success in delivering these solutions via a Microsoft-based SaaS platform is unique and compelling,” stated Rodney Bowen-Wright, director of business development for Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team. “With simultaneous concentration on productivity, compliance and risk management ROIs, the kloudtrack® team has cultivated a strong niche and truly unique differentiators.”

Microsoft is committed to serving as a valuable technology and business partner for emerging startups and their investors. Companies are selected to join the program based on their innovation, marketability, growth potential, funding, platform decision and strategic importance to Microsoft. These companies receive customized engagement plans designed to support their software development and increase market visibility.

The Microsoft EBT evaluates hundreds of technology startups each year to identify those with the strongest potential to succeed in the market, shape the industry’s future, and enhance the overall value of Microsoft products and services for customers. The Microsoft Startup Accelerator Program shines the spotlight on some of the most promising startups and provides good examples of how startups can work successfully with Microsoft. To learn more, visit the Microsoft Startup Zone at

About kloudtrack®

kloudtrack® is a technology and solution services company that offers simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) compliance, workflow and risk mitigation technologies. kloudtrack® is one of the first technology and solution providers to make it affordable for small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) to employ comprehensive BPM/workflow automation technologies using SaaS cost-savings while also addressing specific federal, state and industry-imposed regulatory compliance standards.

This understanding and integration of compliance factors truly sets kloudtrack® technologies, solutions and intellectual property apart in the market. For more information related to the kloudtrack® ROI Benchmark Studies visit or for detailed kloudtrack® and our Solution Services pricing information, contact via telephone at (240) 499-3832 or via e-mail to

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