kloudtrack® Announces Version 8.0, FedRAMP Roadmapping and ikloud™ Mobility Support for Devices Including Apple® iPad®

New Features Include Streamlined User Interface, Mobile Platform Support and Enhancements for Data and Process Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)


Washington DC (February 16, 2015) – kloudtrack® – a leader in SaaS | Cloud Computing technologies and solution services for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – today announced Version 8.0 of the company’s kloudtrack® technology suite as well as a FedRAMP Roadmapping℠ initiative and its new ikloud™ platform which offers accessibility to kloudtrack® via mobile devices particularly the Apple® iPad®.


The company’s flagship product offering kloudtrack® integrates multiple application “modules,” delivered via a sophisticated Cloud 2.0™ computing architecture, that are designed to address the business process, data management, legacy-to-cloud migration and GRC needs of businesses and organizations in a wide array of industries.


These industry sectors include Financial Services (securities, banking/insurance, capital markets), Government (federal, state, local/municipal), Healthcare/Medical, Pharma/Life Sciences and others.


Beyond simple user productivity, data management and collaboration, kloudtrack®  Version 8.0 now incorporates enhancements for GRC, a simplified user interface, legacy platform migration/integration, richer reporting/analytics and, now, support for mobile devices including the Apple iPad.


In tandem with the Version 8.0 enhancements, kloudtrack® is also announcing its FedRAMP Roadmapping initiative. This program assures government agencies that when they deploy kloudtrack® with interest in attaining FedRAMP approval for the system, kloudtrack®  will commit to ensuring that their kloudtrack® deployment will conform to FedRAMP guidelines as outlined in the recent FedRAMP CONOPS documentation released by GSA.


“In just over a year the U.S. Federal Government particularly has mobilized considerable resources and opened numerous avenues to assist agencies in adopting cloud computing,” stated Michael P. Binko, president|CEO of kloudtrack®. Whether migrating to the cloud from legacy IT platforms, considering security factors in choosing public, private, hybrid or community/federated cloud environments, or leveraging cost savings of cloud, CIOs and other IT decision-makers across numerous industries are quickly realizing the value of cloud.  As vendors we need to also understand that the greatest gains related to cloud computing are realized when it is approached as an ecosystem.”


For more information on the Version 8.0, ikloud™ or FedRAMP Roadmapping℠, please visit http://www.kloudtrack.com.


kloudtrack® is an active and recognized leader in government navigation to cloud computing.   Since 2010, kloudtrack® executives have contributed directly via initiatives led by SIIA and NIST.  In fact, founder/CTO Jan Levine was asked by NIST to lead the Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (RA) straw-man Working Group and Binko serves on the NIST Use Case Scenarios working group.  More recently, kloudtrack®  was also invited to join Cisco® in mapping the kloudtrack®  platform to the newly unveiled RA during the NIST Cloud Computing Workshop in November.


Combining these efforts with more than 10 years of cloud-based GRC expertise in commercial sectors, the kloudtrack®  team is intimately familiar with emerging initiatives such as FedRAMP and SAJACC and is poised to assist SI partners and their agency customers migrate to the cloud in a measured way — Start Small, and Scale®.


At this time, kloudtrack®  is seeking solutions-oriented partners to jointly map sophisticated Cloud 2.0™ offerings to existing task orders and new government procurements.


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About kloudtrack®

Headquartered in Annapolis, MD kloudtrack® is a Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing (SaaS|Cloud) company offering Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) technologies and solutions for Business Processes, Data Management and Human Interaction workflow.  kloudtrack® integrates best-practices management with audit-trails that place a premium on monitoring users, data, transparency and collaborative processes as they relate to sensitive data assets.


kloudtrack® is one of the first technology and solution providers to address specific international, federal, state and industry-imposed regulatory compliance standards in SaaS|Cloud environments across multiple vertical industry sectors.  This understanding and integration of GRC factors truly sets kloudtrack®  technologies, solutions and intellectual property apart in the market.


Learn more at www.kloudtrack.com or contact the company directly at 240-499-3832 or jlevine@kloudtrack.com.



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