kloudtrack® Extends FINRA and SEC Compliance for Broker-Dealers with kloudtrack® Cyber-Cloud Technology Enhancements


BETHESDA, MD, February 21, 2019 –kloudtrack®, a leader in Cyber-security | Cloud (Cyber | Cloud) technologies and solutions for compliance-centric and heavily-regulated industries, today announced significant enhancements to its kloudtrack® business process management/workflow technologies as they are being offered in the financial services sector.

Enhancements include broader support for FINRA, SEC, eDiscovery and other data management regulations as well as newly completed integrations with industry-specific communications and information delivery systems. Specifically, kloudtrack®S today unveiled full support for Bloomberg Professional® instant message (IM), e-mail and attachment archiving, search and instant retrieval.

“Support for Bloomberg IM, e-mail and attachment data, including XML-formatted content, was something that many of our financial services customers have been seeking for a long time – particularly mid to large-size broker-dealers and investment managers,” stated Jan Levine, chief technology officer for kloudtrack®.

kloudtrack® is one of only a few technology providers that can manage the complexity of the various Bloomberg message formats using any of the 32 data-field descriptors that are the core components of the systems’ proprietary data structure.

Once the information is stored, kloudtrack® provides several powerful search tools, including the ability to conduct full-text searches of all IM, email and attachment content.  kloudtrack® can also compare the content to a user-developed and managed lexicon to warn of improper words and phrases being e-mailed or sent via IM.

“Unique to kloudtrack® is the ability for Administrators or Compliance Officers to easily and quickly have any Bloomberg IM, email or attachment instantly dropped into the kloudtrack® workflow architecture to monitor and track acknowledgement, by recipients, of new procedures or internal policy announcements. This is a important factor in maintaining compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and NASD/SEC regulations as well as the December 2006 landmark Supreme Court ruling related to eDiscovery,” added Levine.

A strong focus on compliance in heavily-regulated industries is a significant differentiator for kloudtrack®.  As such, support for both proprietary and industry-standard communication platforms is critical to meet the compliance concerns of customers across many vertical markets.

“Whether they are in financial services, insurance, healthcare/medical, legal, pharmaceuticals, government, telecom or other sectors, enterprises are interested in kloudtrack® because we have become compliance experts in the area of using outsourced SaaS technologies to surpass regulatory requirements,” added Michael Binko, kloudtrack® president and CEO.

The kloudtrack® SaaS technology/product suite currently includes the following solution tool-sets and capabilities:

  • kloudFile – secure, online document and data storage/retrieval
  • kloudFlow – electronic BPM/workflow and business intelligence oversight
  • kloudMail – automatic e-mail archiving and surveillance
  • kloudCash – electronic payment processing and check clearing
  • Bloomberg instant message (IM), attachment and e-mail archiving/search/retrieval

For maximum flexibility, kloudtrack® component technologies are offered either as a suite package or individually via monthly service plans segmented for each tool-set. Scalable hosting, comprehensive service-level agreements (SLAs) and volume pricing discounts make kloudtrack® the ideal option for middle-market enterprises (20–2000 users) that want to be able to scale-up or ratchet-down staff resources and related compliance support as-needed.
Detailed pricing information, customer references, compliance-related white papers and a free 30-day technology trial are available via the Web www.kloudtrack.com, by calling 240-499-3832 or by sending an e-mail to sales@kloudtrack.com.

About kloudtrack®

kloudtrack®is a technology and solution services company that offers simple, yet powerful and affordable, hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business process management (BPM), cyber, workflow and compliance technologies for heavily-regulated and compliance-centric industry sectors. The company’s flagship technology offering, kloudtrack®, provides a comprehensive knowledge management and business intelligence platform and is initially being targeted for the following vertical industry sectors – financial services, legal services, healthcare/medical, pharmaceutical, government, telecomm and others.

kloudtrack®is one of the first technology and solution providers to make it affordable for small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) to employ comprehensive BPM/workflow automation technologies using SaaS cost-savings while also addressing specific federal and industry-imposed regulatory compliance standards. This understanding and integration of compliance factors truly sets kloudtrack® technologies, solutions and intellectual property apart in the market.

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