Welcome to the kloudtrack® Innovation Sandbox™

So, you are an IT decision-maker with a Public Sector/Government agency or a Private Sector/Commercial organization.   You and your organization find yourselves being asked to “do more … with less” yet your team is also being encouraged to look at new innovations such as Cloud Computing, Cyber/Info Security, Mobility/BYOD, Big Data/Analytics, Safe Sharing/Secure Collaboration, Virtualization and Legacy Migration.

A complex tapestry of mission requirements, best-practice management, risk mitigation and budget considerations have you wondering how best to proceed . . .


Let kloudtrack® help you Gain a Clearer Perspective™ on how to add innovation into your existing day-to-day operations and lay out a roadmap for moving in more innovative directions related to IT missions and procurements.

Now, take a step back and allow us to introduce the kloudtrack® Innovation Sandbox™ . . .


What is an Innovation Sandbox™ … ?!

Announced with anchor platform partner Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO), the Innovation Sandbox approach calls for IT environments that can be physically or virtually hosted and provisioned to support proof-of-concept innovation road mapping for customers in various industry sectors.

Innovation Sandbox environments will allow organizations to test a variety of technologies and/or methodologies in a “sandbox” or Use Case approach.  The Use Case approach centers on the Start Small … and Scale™ concept under which results-based metrics are utilized to glean real-world data.  The primary result is more confidence in larger-scale deployments.


What Innovations will be Accessible … ?!

Each Innovation Sandbox™ will be provisioned in-tandem with selected partners that offer technologies and solutions in a variety of innovation categories (examples follow):

  • Cloud Computing | Cloud Migration | Cloud 2.0™
  • Innovation Roadmapping
  • Cyber | InfoSecurity
  • AR | VR | AI
  • 3D | 4D Imaging | Qutidian Scene Processing and Reconstruction
  • Data Driven Innovation™ (Data Analytics | Big Data | Reporting)
  • Mobility (BYOD | Cross-platform | Device Independence)
  • Platform Integration | Legacy Data Migration | Portability
  • Hosting (IaaS, SaaS, PaaS | Co-Location | Virtualization)
  • Secure Collaboration | Safe Sharing
  • Business Process Management | Lean-Agile | Workflow
  • Solution Services (IT Assessments, ROI Metrics, Benchmarking, Cloud Broker, Certifications)


What Industry Sectors are Most Likely to Benefit … ?!

The combined strengths, as well as the broad experience and client base of kloudtrack® and our KADRE™ partner community, blend to form a well balanced team with the right set of capabilities and resources to fulfill a wide variety of commercial and government agency requirements.   The Innovation Sandbox approach works in a wide variety of industries, nonetheless, initial efforts will concentrate around the following sectors:

  • Public Sector | Government | Education (federal, state, municipal, local)
  • Financial Services (securities-insurance, banking, capital markets, deal-flow)
  • CyberInfo Security
  • Healthcare | Medical | Life Sciences | Pharma
  • Manufacturing (3-D printing, rapid prototyping, operational efficiency, logistics)
  • Energy | Utilities | Telecom
  • Property | Asset Management
  • Retail | Consumer

2013 10 01 govfest vertical banner (logo 1)The first kloudtrack® Innovation Sandbox environment, which was announced at the #GovFest summit in Washington DC, is focused on public sector/government and education communities and will be housed on the Fairfax, VA main campus of George Mason University.

By the end of 2013, more than three Innovation Sandbox environments are expected to be operational with a broad community of partner organizations serving diverse customer needs.  Invited partner organizations will include academia (universities, training centers), technology/solution vendors, consulting/professional service providers, system integrators, incubators/accelerators, economic development agencies (EDAs) as well as individual thought-leaders.


Deployments are expected to run on sandbox systems for a period of weeks or months at small costs.  During these test-bed deployments PMP and solutions teams will evaluate the viability and return on investment (ROI) for selected innovations.  As a result, decisions can then be made about contracting and scaling the deployments with a solid base of results-oriented information.


I am Interested … Where Should I Begin … ?!

IT leaders utilize the Innovation Sandbox to contemplate and test-drive new IT strategies.

IT leaders utilize the Innovation Sandbox to contemplate and test-drive new IT strategies.