kloudtrack® Solves Real World Challenges

kloudtrack® is a user managed electronic data management and business process system with unique qualities that solve problems and make life easier in the workplace.  Benefits impact a wide variety of industries and business situations — particularly scanarios where best-practices or compliance factors are essential.

Financial Services

It’s no secret that Financial Services organizations have been hit with the credit‐crunch meltdown and greater regulatory scrutiny in the past 18 months. Specifically, leading broker/dealers and wealth management firms in the securities and insurance sectors face critical challenges in monitoring and automating best‐practices and complying with stepped‐up government (SEC/state) and industry (FINRA) regulation.  Eliminating paper files, automating electronic transactions and placing secure audit trails behind business processes not only improves employee productivity but mitigates compliance risks – these areas have been front‐and‐center priorities for KIS deployments.

Public Sector | Government | Education

Government agencies at all levels (federal, state/local, municipal) are under increased stress due to dwindling staff, budget and technology resources. The ability to “do more with less” is a key driver in the value of SaaS|Cloud computing technologies.  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is reduced significantly when hardware and IT staff needs are greatly reduced using SaaS|Cloud.  In Florida, the Court Clerk’s Office in one of the state’s largest counties realized the costs of existing document scanning and archiving systems would not be sustainable.  The IT, Operations and Finance teams agreed that alternatives needed to be found.  kloudtrack® solutions are now handling the same workloads with less staff and much lower IT costs.

Cyber | InfoSecurity

CyberSecFrom the inception of kloudtrack®, every function of the suite has been reviewed to meet our exacting standards on InfoSecurity. That primary ‘filter’ takes precedence over all development discussions. As a result kloudtrack® continues to receive accolades within the cyber community due to meeting the requirements of agencies such as the SEC, governing bodies such as FINRA and CCHIT, as well as surpassing the recommendations of the NIST Cloud Working Group Reference Architecture. In a September 28, 2012 article, Federal Computer Week recognized kloudtrack® for its cost-effective, and readily deployable cloud solutions and FedRAMP RoadMapping stance and designated kloudtrack® as one 12 “Hot Companies To Watch” in government IT. To read the entire article click here The editorial staff highlights our IT security, attention to the Human Side of Compliance® and the company’s progressive approach to cloud migration strategies.
Additionally, as reported in the 10.13.2013 issue of ‘cyberwire™’, kloudtrack®, was announced as one of the “ Top 5 Innovative Cyber Startup firms” during the recent CyberMaryland conference on October 8-9.

Health Care

Healthcare Reform means something different to stakeholders at all levels. Whether patient, medical practitioner, healthcare institution, government agency or insurance provider the stakes have never been higher. Automating processes while also addressing “Meaningful Use” medical care outcome priorities are the tip‐of‐the‐sword in healthcare reform. Federal and state governments together with stakeholder communities agree that new technologies hold the key to success. With kloudtrack® certified access to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) stakeholders achieve cost reductions, increased transparency, better accountability, improved patient education/visibility and health record portability.


manufacturingManufacturing companies are facing some of the most difficult economic times in the last century owing to higher taxes, increased workforce costs and increasing competition from abroad. The kloudtrack® suite of fully hosted and user managed tools provide a platform for process improvement management, operational cost cutting and workforce development. Our Secure Collaboration Utility™ allows your operations, financial and personnel teams to quickly create flows of work to manage any process from the shop floor to hiring, and from accounts payable authorizations to certification/education development and training. Every step of every process is instantly and permanently tracked and is auditable by all managers 24 X 7. Whether your process definitions have been created internally, or you have contracted with an outside firm for operational improvement recommendations, individual managers and team members can turn those processes into a series of managed steps to keep everyone on track and on-time. Showing its commitment to the future of manufacturing, kloudtrack® recently hosted a seminar designated as “Tapping Innovation To Improve Operational Excellence and Profits”. Please click here to see the event details.

Food Services

A large food service organization had a problem in processing invoices from many vendors for hundreds of affiliate locations.  The problem of making the documents available to a large number of employees as well as third‐parties is solved by the tiered access and the ability to designate specific users’ access to specific data files.  Combining efficient document management capabilities with simple‐to‐manage workflow makes the process much more efficient and profitable.

Real Estate | Property Management

A Maryland based property management firm was spending way too much to provide the required monthly data to the partners and board members of the 30 different limited partnerships that they manage.  Prior to employing the kloudtrack® kloudflow™ system, each month a staff person had to first print out 30 different sets of reports that contained many pages and versions.  These packages then needed to be collated, packaged and shipped to each partner‐‐‐each month.  Every month at least on partner would claim that they never received this month’s package.  Now the PDF files are quickly transmitted to each partner using our kloudflow™ system, which records the exact moment in time that each partner acknowledges that they have received and reviewed the WorkBasket™ that contains this month’s reports.  Unlike the original paper form, these files can be viewed from any location and each is full text searchable so that the partners and instantly find any item that is of interest to them, which is especially valuable to those who are invested in more than one LLC.

Public Services

A public services agency supporting the Council for Aging in a large Mid‐Western County was becoming overwhelmed with paperwork and was greatly concerned about disaster recovery in the event of a fire or severe flooding.  They also felt the need for transparency of their processes and desired to institute an audit trail for the many functions required to deliver their services to their elderly clients.  All previous paper files were scanned in by a local partner, who transmitted those files in batches to kloudtrack® .  All of their daily work files, Excel™, Word™, Powerpoint™, etc were also sent up, where they are instantly frozen in time….not only protecting them from fire/flood, but ensuring that each file can be reproduced exactly as originally created, in the event of future audit or litigation need. Now everyone in the organization ‐‐‐and even selected vendors and professional advisors can access any file at anytime-anywhere.


A Mid‐Western bank, with several branches in their geographic region stores all client records on kloudtrack®
.  To facilitate the process, our kloudexchange™ system is employed to receive the mainframe generated data records for each of 20‐50 new clients added each day.  These records are automatically indexed to facilitate future retrieval of dozens of different document types from each branch. Our access control system permits some managers to see all information, while others can see only their branch detail.  Each morning a bank staff person — not an IT person — signs onto kloudfile™ and employs our kloudexchange™ feature to download all data received the day before so that it can be used in a rich reporting system used for internal reports.  Gathering that data directly from their mainframe was just not practical…with kloudtrack® , it is just value we add.

County Government | Court Management

The Clerk of the Courts department in Brevard County (FL) was frustrated with 20 year-old IBM Informix document scanning and data collection system that had long ago outlived its value.  The barcode reading system that was integral to this operation was making far too many errors that caused staff people to manually enter data throughout each day.  kloudtrack® employed its powerful kloudcapture™, kloudfile™ and kloudflow™ SaaS|Cloud modules to streamline the workflow resulting in over 99% of documents being automatically and properly indexed.  Those few scans that are not read automatically are handled in an elegant exceptions management system that requires only a few mouse clicks for instant corrections and validation.  The kloudcapture™ system is linked directly with the IBM Informix database to do an instant look‐up that results in kloudtrack® reading the barcodes on 100’s of unique sets of scanned in files from almost 50 locations.  This linkage is employed to look‐up all data fields required for automatic indexing into kloudfile™ and to initiative an automated workflow via kloudflow™.  Using the kloudtrack® kloudbatch™ and kloudexchange™ capabilities, the system can be linked to virtually any other database or data management system.

Sports Management

A franchise and sports management group brought kloudtrack® into virtually every phase of their operation.  Each partnership consisted of at least one major restaurant, a coffee shop and various commercial properties. With the responsibility to manage 25+ individual partnerships, the use of kloudfile™ to store and make available all partnership agreements, NDAs and associated documents was only the start.  kloudflow™ was instituted to manage the myriad of details to actually build out these properties (including original CAD files and other construction details) and then manage all activity to maintain them and to manage the associated accounts payable details required to be disbursed to each partner for their review.

Deal-Flow | Investment Banking | M & A

Deal‐flow Communities encompass a broad spectrum of business types including traditional banking/lending, capital markets, investment banking, accounts receivable management (ARM), private equity, hedge funds, M&A and even venture capital (VC). These communities operate under varying levels of regulatory scrutiny; nonetheless, deal awareness is a critical element of success at all levels.  The ability to make deal data available quickly and securely to deal participants and trusted third‐parties (legal, accounting, advisors) can keep deals on‐track and provide considerable insight into drivers or hurdles.  A mid‐sized private equity firm employs kloudtrack® kloudfile™, kloudflow™ and the Secure Collaboration Utility™ tools to place a strict audit trail behind deal data and access to it.  Being Web‐based and easy to administer, users can be added to the system with a few mouse‐clicks so deals are not bogged down.