Financial Services: Case 4

THE POWER OF kloudtrack®

When the home office of Jefferson Pilot was investigating document management systems, they needed a centralized system that was secure, NASD/SEC compliant, failsafe, accessible through many satellite offices, and it had to be customized. kloudtrack® met all of these objectives. Today, many of Jefferson Pilot’s Offices of Supervisory Jurisdiction – from Connecticut to California – are enjoying greater productivity, more efficient communication, and a dramatic reduction in the number of paper files.

“It’s saved Herculean amounts of time.”

Mike MacDonald is an independent owner of Mike MacDonald Financial Management in California, and has enjoyed the convenience of kloudtrack® especially during home office audits or inquiries. Now, when the OSJ needs to review or investigate, they can log in to his documents through kloudtrack® and access what they need. “They can audit me without bothering me. They can get what they need and they don’t have to waste my time.”


Over the past few months, Mike has reviewed all his hard copy documents, identified files he needs to keep for NASD and he has scanned and stored these items in kloudtrack®. He now has all relevant documents dated back to 1979 securely stored for easy retrieval. This represents considerable savings.

“I rent less space now, because I don’t have filing cabinets.”


Implementing new document management technology represents a change in the way you do business, and kloudtrack® understands that the initial launch phase is a critical time. kloudtrack® representatives help you get your files uploaded into the system, determine how you will categorize your data so it can be efficiently retrieved, and then work with you and your staff to get you acclimated to the system within a matter of weeks, not months. Throughout the process, it’s important to have a good relationship with your service provider. For Mike, working with the kloudtrack® staff has been “a breath of fresh air – a great resource.”

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