Financial Services: Case 1


The confidential nature of patient billing records means our client has to be especially cognizant of privacy regulations, and this has been difficult with their process of handling multiple copies of paper files across multiple locations.

In addition, to efficiently coordinate the management of the accounts receivable function, they needed a streamlined process for securing paper files (i.e. correspondence to and from insurance companies, daily deposit receipts, daily remits, Explanation of Benefits statements (EOBs), patient registration forms, and copies of insurance cards and drivers licenses), and providing access to these files across a geographically dispersed region.

 kloudtrack® SOLUTION

Rather than copying and mailing patient documents to our client, the hospitals scan and upload them to kloudtrack®. This greatly minimizes the possibility for lost paperwork and the possibility for unauthorized personnel to view private patient information (because fewer people are handling the documents), and it speeds the process of collection because time is not lost on mailing, copying and distributing documents. The administrators of each hospital also have access to the documents to help resolve issues almost instantly.


Our client has found kloudtrack® to be extremely effective in managing their own client relationships, and the hospitals are thrilled with the added benefit of secure file storage.

We are also working with this client to develop a sales channel model, as they are using kloudtrack® as a potential revenue stream; offering records storage service as a reseller to hospitals and hospital purchasing groups.

All of which results in COST & TIME SAVINGS and CLIENT SATISFACTION.

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