William C., Systems Engineer and Technical Services Lead

William has been involved in engineering document management technologies, intellectual property management and solution services since 1996, with Kaulkin Information Systems, Imageers, Inc. and Doxentrix, LLC. Rick is proficient in numerous programming languages, including C, C++, CSHarp, Visual Basic (Client Server, Web Applications, Com Objects), Java (Client Applications, Applets, J2EE), MS .Net (C#, VB.Net, J++, Web Applications, Services), PowerBuilder; and several databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Access.

Additional past projects include:

  • Created a Net C# web storefront for an automotive keyless entry company
  • Created a Visual Basic 6 bill of materials system for a leading chemical/household products company
  • Created a fully automated C# application for a major mortgage company for print distribution of loan packages.

As such, Rick is an integral part of the KIS engineering team and a project lead for numerous solution services customers.