Jan Levine, Chief Technology Officer

me at CIC dinnerJan Levine has been with kloudtrack® since its inception and has been the primary champion and architect of the kloudtrack® technology platform.

Prior to joining kloudtrack®, Levine was President of Imageers, a software development, technology engineering and eCommerce company, specializing in Internet-based imaging, document management, enterprise content management, BPM/workflow and knowledge management systems. Clients included Arthur Andersen, Bank of China, Coty Cosmetics, Jefferson Pilot Securities Corporation (now Lincoln Financial Network), Simon and Schuster, and Tyco International.


Hardware, operating systems and applications program development,strategic technology “roadmapping,” implementation best-practices, enterprise IT integration and project management for both early-stage and Fortune 100 companies.

Hands-on competencies in knowledge management, electronic commerce, business and operations, imaging and information systems integration, computer integrated manufacturing, transportation and distribution. Top-producing registered investment advisor/financial planner


Contributor at NIST (National Institue of Standards & Technology)

January 2011Present (11 months)

* Served as leader of the Reference Architecture Strawman Committee from which the currently published NIST Reference Architecture was developed.

* Further actively served on the NIST Service Model Clarification Committee that refined  the RA definitions prior to the RA being released

* Presenting Panel member 4/2011 Workshop “RA: There can be only one!”

* One of two Presenting Panel members <Cisco> for the 11/04/2011 Workshop Breakout Session on ” How Industry can Map their Services to the NIST RA”

co-founder and CTO, kloudtrack®

Levine has been with kloudtrack®-Kaulkin Information Systems since its inception and has been the primary champion and architect of the kloudtrack® technology platform.

kloudtrack® is a highly secure cloud-based platform for improving data and process management .  It integrates paperless solutions with PC and legacy data, incorporates best practices for operational management, instills compliance risk mitigation and lowers the overall costs of technology investments.  We have refined the solution to focus on governance risk and compliance (GRC) to meet the needs of financial services, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries meeting related regulatory certifications.  Key clients have shown more than 40% ROI with kloudtrack adoption.  For more case studies and information, go to www.kloudtrack.com.

President and Founder, Imageers Inc.

Imageers created the industry’s first integrated imaging and data management TIMS <Total Information Management System>. The first system installed at SG Warburg in 1993. The system was used to manage thousands of annual reports and data files for their marketing department.

In 1995 Imageers created the first imaging system for Arthur Andersen in NYC and was retained as an in-house advisory firm until Andersen’s collapse in 2002.

During this period Imageers created integrated imaging and data management systems for 6 different Andersen offices and many client systems including Coty Cosmetics, Turner Construction, Ingersoll Rand, RJR Nabisco, Tyco, and several banks and investment houses as well.

Education: Boston University – School of Management