Management Team

Michael P. Binko, President | CEO and Board
Michael P. Binko is President/CEO and a member of the Board of Directors for kloudtrack®.  Prior to joining kloudtrack®, Binko founded Gemini Venture Partners LLP and still serves as Managing General Partner of the firm’s venture Funds … [more]
Marvin Kaulkin, Founder and Chairman
Marvin invested in kloudtrack® because he recognized a need for affordable, powerful and simple-to-use technology for document management and compliance within industries like financial services government, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.
me at CIC dinnerJan Levine, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Jan Levine founded kloudtrack® and has been the primary champion and architect of the company’s SaaS|Cloud technology platform. [more...]
Ted Meisel, Executive Advisor
Ted Meisel is a Senior Advisor with Elevation Venture Partners.  He is active in the evaluation of potential investments, as well as in support of the firm’s portfolio companies, including serving on the board of Forbes Media. [more...]



Innovation Sandbox Teams

Public Sector | Government | Education @ George Mason University (GMU)

2014 01 01 GMU Don Gantz (1)Dr. Don Gantz: A Full Professor of Statistics, Dr. Gantz is the founding Chair of the Applied IT (AIT) Department and Director of the Document Forensics Laboratory.  He currently serves as Dean of the AIT Capstone program — a two-semester accelerated program for high-performing seniors in the Volgenau School of Engineering.  Dr. Gantz is currently applying his cutting edge analysis of handwriting to multi-language document exploitation and biometric identification.  He has been active in the research and application of geographic information systems, modeling systems, and decision support systems to transportation demand management and traffic mitigation.

nick millerNick Miller: Project/Program Management/Contracting Specialist
chase gleasonChase Gleason:
Program Management/Technical Analyst
Savni PuriSavni Puri:
Project/Program Management/Contracting Specialist
Jasmeen RangiJasmeen Rangi: Project/Program Management
tim showsTim Show: Program Management/Technical Analyst
Mike RichardsonMike Richardson: Program Management/Technical Analyst
Joseph KinneyJoseph Kinney: Program Management/Technical Analyst
Miguel Roca SarriaMiguel Roca Sarria: Project/Program Management
 Jamal Kirby: Project/Program Management/Contracting SpecialistJamal Kirby
Bryan FennelBryan Fennel: Program Management/Technical Analyst
Brian CamachoBrian Camacho: Program Management/Technical Analyst
Anata RautAnanta Raut: Project/Program Management