Internet of Things (IoT)

Billions of connected devices, individuals and systems will utilize the cloud for Big Science, Big Data and Big Knowledge
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Leverage existing IT investments while migrating to new innovations such as cloud, mobility, cybersecurity and big data
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Financial Services

Utilize paperless systems to manage business process, mitigate risks and automate compliance best practices
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Government | Public Sector

Agencies at all levels of Government can Start Small and Scale™ with the Innovation Sandbox® approach.
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Human Side of Compliance®

kloudtrack® technologies support Governance, Risk and Compliance across many industry sectors

Start Small ... and Scale™

The kloudtrack® Innovation Sandbox allows data stakeholders to quickly and affordably test innovations against mission outcomes under a use case proof of concept approach -- Start Small ... and Scale because you can in the kloud.

Innovation Sandbox™

kloudtrack® and Cisco Team to Deliver a Start Small ... and Scale Approach to Innovation Across Industry Sectors

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stop | think | go | kloud™

Balance migration to Cyber | Cloud. Metrics of risk | success are identified and measured via the Innovation Sandbox®

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